At Co & Ry, we take pride in crafting our pieces with care and conscience. In ethical co-ops across Australia and China, we ensure transparency in every step of our production process – from knowing the individuals behind it all to understanding the methods and locations involved.

Each creation begins with our team right here in Australia, where we pour our hearts into designing, meticulously selecting fabrics, and considering every detail with both people and planet in mind.

Within Co & Ry, our team members are more than just colleagues – they're treasured individuals treated with profound love and respect. In Melbourne, a female-run studio holds a special place in our hearts as the birthplace of many of our cherished Heirloom and sample pieces. Our head seamstress, a longstanding member of the Co & Ry family, infuses her expertise and dedication into every stitch.

Across the seas in China, another chapter of our story unfolds within a female-run family business. Here, mothers, aunties, and daughters unite in a small yet vibrant studio. Their collaboration is fueled by mutual regard and care, ensuring that each piece is crafted with an eye toward minimizing waste.

These women aren't merely collaborators – they're the heart and soul of our enterprise. They embody our values, shaping the essence of Co & Ry as a celebration of both family and sustainability.

Co & Ry is full of romantic designs, with each piece creating magic on the wearer, filled with intricate laces, embroidered cottons and textured trims.




At Co & Ry, the philosophy is simple yet profound, reflecting the essence of who we are. We take pride in our ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring that each piece is crafted with care and consideration. It's our commitment to quality over quantity as we believe in the beauty of small-scale production. Moreover, we understand the importance of community, which is why we actively support other small businesses along the way. And when it comes to our packaging, we keep it eco-friendly, because every little bit counts.

At Co & Ry, it's not just about what we make, but how we make it, quietly weaving sustainability and compassion into everything we do.