How To Create The Perfect Milk Bath Shoot

One of the most beautiful ways to showcase your bump or even just create magic in a photoshoot is with a beautiful bath shoot. They allow you to surround yourself with the most beautiful blooms and get creative with colours, textures and anything that suits your signature style. From adding wildflowers to adding glitter, a bath shoot is a stunning addition to your photography journey. 

Below are some of our tips and tricks to help you create something stunning. 

1. Having the right bath is something that can really help the look of your shoot. Vintage footed baths or golden tap ware will make it even more magic, but don't be afraid if you don't have the most glamourise bath tub, you can make it work. If you have some unforgiving tiles surround yourself with beautiful pillar candles or create bunches of flowers along the ledge.

2. Having the right outfit can make all the difference. Wear a dress that is light, sheer and floaty so when you sit in the water it clings to your body and allows you to showcase your bump or figure. Using heavy fabric won't have the same dreamy vibe as something light. Also make sure you wear something you are ok to add to water and won't be damaged. We love using our Hattie dress as its light, sheer and has the most beautiful lace detailing, plus you can just add to the washing machine afterwards and it will be good as new. 

3. Using powdered milk is such an easy way to make your water dreamy and you can pick it up for under $5 at your local supermarket. With the water running add a little powder at a time until you get the consistency that suits your look.  

Another alternative is to play with different bath bombs or salts to create cloudy water. Be careful with colours however as you don't want to stain your bath or outfit. 

4. Picking the right florals for your shoot is completely up to you and your creative style. Use this as an opportunity to really let your creative juices flow with colours and textures. You can head to your local flower market, florist or even your garden and select flowers that all tie together nicely. But you do want to make sure you use a selection of large and small flower heads and a few flowers that you know will float when placed on on top of the water. If you do have a flower that is a little difficult to get to float you can always pin a little bubble wrap to the bottom to help it along. 

Picking flowers with different textures also allows your milk bath to have some character. Try and also pick some petals off and sprinkle them through the water to fill some gaps. 

5.  Make sure the water is nice and warm. There is nothing worse than a cold bath and your photos will so much more relaxed and natural if your water is comfortable to be in. Add your florals after the bath is finished running and drape them around the body to suit, then you can also judge if you need more or less. 


Other items that come in handy:

- A couple of towels, one for after the bath and one for behind the neck while in the bath as a cushion. 

- A few plastic bags for wet clothes, cut flowers that aren't needed. 

- Buckets for storing the flowers and off cuts

- Secateurs or really sharp scissors to cut your flowers.

- Cleaning wipes to give the bath a good clean afterwards. 


We hope this helps you create some magic with your next shoot or baby bump. They are so much fun and should be something that is enjoyed from start to finish.

Please tag us in your shoots to show us what you create, we can't wait to see. 

Photography by Morgan Lee Photography
Flowers by Co & Ry

Video by Co & Ry 

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